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DC Challenge Week -- June 11 -15, 2018

Our DC Challenge Week was terrific! Check out our video from this week:

Change in Doss Pickup Point

Doss Pickup Point will now be at the First Presbyterian Church of Austin

We are making a change to our Doss Pickup Point this summer because we were notified the school will be under extensive construction this summer. After talking with the school, it was decided that an alternative site would be best to use this summer. Our alternate pickup point for Summer 2018 will be the First Presbyterian Church, 8001 Mesa Drive, Austin, TX 78731. Our counselors will be there at 7:30 a.m. ready to greet you and your campers. You are also welcome to use Hill Elementary as an alternate site.

Digital Backpack -- Deborah Gilboa, MD (Dr. G)

Digital Backpack -- Deborah Gilboa, MD (Dr. G)

We are excited to be offering our new digital backpack to maximize your families' camp experience.

Click on this link to go to our TIP OF THE WEEK:

To access the digital backpack, go to the following link:

You can use the following coupon code to access this resource free of cost: DC525. (Note: When you first log on, it will say, coupon expired, but when you check out, enter the DC525 code and you will get access for free.)

Please use this code only once per family and share the login if more than one family member would like to access.


Bunk1 Photosharing Site

Check out our new photosharing site: Bunk1

Stay connected with your child this summer using the Bunk1 platform. View camp photos and read camp news -- all from a mobile app on your cell phone! You can even opt-in to receive text messages whenever camp uploads new photos.

• Go to

• Click “Need an account or have an invitation code?” and complete the basic form. The Invitation Code for Camp Doublecreek is: 18CDC512

We had a parent webinar on Thursday, June 14th, on how to use this app. If you would like to view the webinar, the recording is available here:

If you need additional help, you can call the Bunk1 support team at 212-974-9112.

Miss Kim Day

Friday, June 15th was Miss Kim Day at Camp Doublecreek!

We honored our wonderful Office Manager, Kim Palk, today! Beginning in 1976, Kim started in the school Doublecreek had at the time, then she became a camper, a counselor and then Office Manager. Aunt Trudy taught her to write and you can see the evidence of her skill on our office whiteboard! She carries on the Doublecreek Legacy founded by Aunt Trudy and Uncle Carter. She works diligently behind the scenes, often working late hours at home to make sure that everything goes smoothly at camp. If you need to know anything about camp, just ask "Miss Kim." She is a joy to work with and keeps us all on track! We love you, Miss Kim!


Joe Ray's Article

DC Challenge 2018!

Forget the World Cup! Forget the U.S. Open! Forget the College World Series! This week we experienced something even more amazing – it’s the DC Challenge!

What is the DC Challenge, you ask? Well, I’m glad you asked! DC Challenge is the DOUBLECREEK Challenge. I know you’ve never seen anything like it and neither have we, because it’s different every year.

Think “The Amazing Race” combined with parts of “Minute-to-Win-It” and “Fear Factor,” and you have the DC Challenge. Lots of skills are incorporated into this incredible event. You have scooterboard races and the WARP wall. What’s a WARP wall? It’s a warped wall, Silly! Then they do something with bean bags followed by the always thrilling “Fill the Bucket with Water” in a way that takes too long to explain. Next, campers throw hula hoops over at a tree (or the world’s largest tree stump).

Now it gets really strange, I mean interesting! At the pool, one camper swims and another chugs a Gatorade! Then it is on to gun safety where campers shoot at spoons. This is followed by a trip to horseback riding to tie a lead rope to the gate (who thought of that one?). But wait! There’s more! Campers have a three-legged race at the Gaga Ball Pit and then throw balls into the trash!

Okay, try to visualize this next one! One camper is on one side of a seven foot wall and another camper is on the other side. One camper throws an apple over the wall while the other tries to catch it with a 5-gallon bucket. Raise your hand if you’ve done that one. Next up is the Shuffleboard Court where campers try to knock down bowling pins with a shuffleboard puck. Do they do that on cruise ships?

When the team gets to Low Ropes, they have to pass through the ropes without touching a rope. (I’m about thirty years and fifty pounds from being able to do that one!) The team then has to balance on a log, then sprint to Archery where they shoot at a target. (This is the only standard activity in the whole course).

Then on to the Mud Pit where as many campers as possible must negotiate the Mud Slip-N-Slide in a minute. They then have to find Starbursts in the Kickball Field. (I’m not sure if they eat them or not).

Sprinting through the mister/sprinkler is the last part of the challenge. When the final camper goes through the mister, time stops. Oh, did I tell you that all this is against the clock? The lowest time wins.

You have to see it to believe it. I saw it and I still don’t believe it. But, I really appreciate it. It was wild and crazy and a whole lot of fun! The DC Challenge incorporates basic skills and ones you don’t use every day. When the groups finish the course, there is lots of laughter and “high-fives,” which is the whole reason behind the DOUBLECREEK CHALLENGE!

-- Joe Ray


New Summer 2018 T-Shirt!

We have sizes Youth Small, Youth Medium, Youth Large, Adult Small, Adult Medium, Adult Large, and Adult XL. The cost is $15.

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Father's Day Craft

Help your kids make these cute shrinky dink keychains for Father's Day!

Check out the tutorial:

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