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Superhero Week -- June 4-8, 2018

We've had a SUPER week! Check out our video:

Change in Doss Pickup Point

Doss Pickup Point will now be at the First Presbyterian Church

We are making a change to our Doss Pickup Point this summer. We have recently been notified that the school will be under extensive construction this summer. After talking with the school, it was decided that an alternative site would be best to use this summer. Our alternate pickup point for Summer 2018 will be the First Presbyterian Church, 8001 Mesa Drive, Austin, TX 78731. Our counselors will be there at 7:30 a.m. ready to greet you and your campers. You are also welcome to use Hill Elementary as an alternate as well.

Bunk1 Photosharing Site Webinar -- June 14, 2018 -- 7 PM

Learn about how to use our new photosharing site, Bunk1, along with the mobile app.

Stay connected with your child this summer using the Bunk1 platform. View camp photos and read camp news -- all from a mobile app on your cell phone! You can even opt-in to receive text messages whenever camp uploads new photos.

• Go to

• Click “Need an account or have an invitation code?” and complete the basic form. Email us at: to get the invitation code.

We will be offering a webinar to learn how to use the site, along with the mobile app on Thursday, June 14, 2018 at 7 pm.

Click the following link to register for the webinar.

Digital Backpack -- Deborah Gilboa, MD (Dr. G)

Digital Backpack -- Deborah Gilboa, MD (Dr. G)

We are excited to be offering our new digital backpack to maximize your families' camp experience.

Click on this link to go to our TIP OF THE WEEK:

To access the digital backpack, go to the following link:

You can use the following coupon code to access this resource free of cost: DC525. (Note: When you first log on, it will say, coupon expired, but when you check out, enter the DC525 code and you will get access for free.)

Please use this code only once per family and share the login if more than one family member would like to access.


Joe Ray's Article

The Making of a Superhero!

This was Superhero Week at Camp Doublecreek. The word “superhero” dates back to at least 1917, which means we’re celebrating a 100th anniversary. I’m not a superhero expert. When researching this article, I took a superhero quiz. I scored around sixteen --- so I know very little about superheroes. I was surprised to learn that by definition, you don’t need supernatural or superhuman powers to be called a superhero, although almost all superheroes today have extraordinary or superhuman powers. It also helps to be rich. The main purpose of superheroes is to fight crime or save the world from imminent destruction.

Remember, you don’t have to have x-ray vision, superhuman strength, or the ability to fly to be a superhero. Superheroes don’t start their superhero careers conquering arch villains or forces of nature. They start small and realize they can do greater things.

I see superheroes begin by letting go of their parent’s hand and getting on a bus. That has to be intimidating for them. Some superhero careers begin by getting on a horse – the biggest animal they have ever been on or by shooting a bow and arrows – which isn’t as easy as it looks. Some channel their inner superhero by taking their first strokes in the pool without someone helping them, by climbing a tower or going down a waterslide. I’ve seen many fledgling superheroes discover the thrill of flight when they launch themselves from the top of a 40-foot tower and sail down a zipline.

I’ve seen superhero movies with elaborate set pieces which go on and on and on. In reality, campers discover that they have the stuff of superheroes in the blink of an eye. At Doublecreek, we’re fortunate to be there when it happens.

-- Joe Ray


New Summer 2018 T-Shirt!

We have sizes Youth Small, Youth Medium, Youth Large, Adult Small, Adult Medium, Adult Large, and Adult XL. The cost is $15.

Contact Rachel to order:

Super Hero Cape Craft

We made these simple super hero capes for our group photos:

Here's the link to the tutorial:

For more crafts, games, puzzles and other theme-related items, go to our Pinterest boards at:

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