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Merry Christmas from Our Camp Doublecreek Staff

We Wish You a Merry Christmas!

Thank you for sharing your campers with us this Holiday Season at Winter Blast Camp! Running, climbing, playing, exploring and investing in your campers is our greatest gift. Get ready for some amazing stories from them, but first check out some helpful tips as you get your campers geared up for some fun.

Check out the legendary Joe Ray singing "The Twelve Days of Winter Blast Camp!"

Dress & Label

Dress: please dress your campers in layers. The weather forecast at this point says high of 58 Tuesday, 56 Wednesday, 60 Thursday and 47 Friday with scattered rain. It is a guarantee the mornings will be chilly, but your camper just might come home in shorts. Only in Texas folks!

Label: please label all clothes (especially jackets and gloves) with your camper's name and pick up point.

Pickup and Drop Off Point Information

(ETD 7:55am – ETA 4:45pm)
(ETD 7:55am – ETA 4:40pm)
(ETD 8:05am – ETA 4:20pm)
4214 N. Capital of Texas Hwy, Austin 78746
(south of 360 bridge in the south parking lot)
(ETD 7:45am – ETA 4:40pm)
11601 Olson, Austin 78750
(corner of Olson and Anderson Mill)
(ETD 7:45am – ETA 4:35pm)
12207 Brigadoon, Austin 78727
(Amherst between Parmer and Duval)
(ETD 8:00am – ETA 4:30pm)
14650 Merriltown Drive, Austin 78728
(ETD 8:00am – ETA 4:45pm)


You can pick from the menu below. Please give your lunch money and order to the pick up point counselor. If you would like to order more food for your camper, just give a note to the pick up point counselors with the money for the extra items.

Tuesday: Smokey Mo’s
____ Hamburger $5.50
____ Brisket Sandwich $6.00
____ Turkey Sandwich $6.00
____ Chopped Beef Sandwich $6.00
____ Salad w/o Chicken $7.00
____ Salad w/Chicken $7.00

Wednesday: Double Dave’s Pizza
____ Pepperoni Roll $3.00
____ 1 Slice of Cheese $3.00
____ 1 Slice of Pepperoni $3.00
____ 2 Slices of Cheese $6.00
____ 2 Slices of Pepperoni $6.00


Wednesday: Cafe Java
____ Club Salad $6.00
____ Hoagie $6.00
____ Chicken Caesar Wrap $6.00

Thursday: Chicken Express
____ (2 piece) Chicken Tenders with fries and biscuit $4.50
____ (4 piece) Chicken Tenders with fries and biscuit $5.50
____ One piece meal with fries and biscuit $4.50
____ Two piece meal with fries and biscuit $5.50
____ Salad $5.00

Friday: Chick-Fil-A
____ Chick-Fil-A Sandwich $4.00
____ 8 Piece Nuggets $4.00
____ Chargrilled Club Sandwich $6.50
____ Spicy Chicken Sandwich $4.00
____ Chargrilled Cool Wrap $6.00
____ Market Salad (no meat) $8.00

Winter Blast Activities

We have some special activities each day during Winter Blast Camp!

Tuesday -- Making S'Mores Around the Campfire

Wednesday -- Hayride

Thursday -- Fun Run

Friday -- New Year's Parade

To obtain photos from this week, email so that she can add you as a member of our Shutterfly Share Site.


Check out our new apparel!

Parker is modeling our "Doublecreek is in my DNA" shirt. It is long-sleeved with 'Doublecreek is in My DNA" down one sleeve. The Horseback Shirt is short-sleeved.

Both shirts are available in sizes Youth: Small, Medium and Large and Adult: S-2XL and are priced at $15 each.

Email to order yours now and we will have them ready for pickup here at camp.

Parents' Day -- Friday, Dec. 29th -- 2:30pm

You are welcome to join us anytime, but we have designated Friday the 28th during our New Year's Parade as a specific parent time.

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