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Joe Ray's Article

I love Halloween – always have!! I really like the candy – all kinds of candy! The only difference between now and when I was a kid, is the hard candy. My teeth can’t handle jaw breakers anymore. Oh, the trials of old age.

When I was young, I couldn’t wait to go trick-or-treating. For me, trick-or-treating was all about the candy, with almost no thought to the costume. I didn’t view the costume as an expression of myself – the costume was simply a license to get candy. Have you seen children show up at your door wearing a cheap mask and holding out a pillow case? Well, that was me.

Of course that attitude doesn’t fly with most children. At school when children discuss Halloween, they’re not talking Butterfingers or lollipops; they’re talking about the costumes they will be wearing. As I've gotten older, my attitude towards costumes has evolved. In fact, after Susan I were married, we always managed to come home with some hardware from costume parties. One year, we went as Indiana Jones and Marion Ravenwood. The next year, Susan went as an elegant Victorian lady and I went as the Elephantman. Luckily for posterity, no photos survived.

Halloween is a time of superstition, which and be traced back to Celtic times when people would light bonfires and wear costumes to ward off roaming ghosts. The word “Halloween” dates from about 1745. It comes from a Scottish term which means “All Hallows’ Eve.” I generally don’t dwell on the deeper meaning of Halloween. I simply enjoy it. I watch old horror movies for the tenth time and buy lots of candy to hand out to all the cute ghosts, pirates, princesses, monsters, and superheroes that come to our door.

Halloween is a transitional holiday between Fall and Winter. Halloween comes after the leaves turn and we get relief from the heat, but before trees go bare and a hard winter sets in. Of course, here in central Texas, sometimes we don’t have dramatic season changes. But Halloween helps us to prepare for winter and the upcoming holiday seasons with new camp experiences around the corner.

Oh, by the way, if any Doublecreek campers come to my door, don’t be disappointed if I don’t recognize you. Remember, you’re in costume!

-- Joe Ray

P.S. One of our former campers, Brock Fleming, was taken from us by pediatric brain cancer. On Saturday, October 21, 2017, a Team Brock 5K Halloween Fun Run was held. Dan and Andrea Neal represented Camp Doublecreek and we plan to participate as an organization more fully next year. For details, go to

Hurricane Harvey Help!

On Its Way to Help Those in Need

Our Lost & Found from the summer has all been boxed up and is ready to go to Houston to help people affected by Hurricane Harvey!

On the Road with Parker

Parker is on the Recruiting Trail!

Parker is busy this month going to Dallas Baptist University and Texas A&M University to find the best counselors for Summer 2018!

Horseback Riding at Camp Doublecreek

Come join us in this wonderful fall weather for a great outdoor activity!

There are a few spots left in our off season riding lesson program. Lessons are on Saturdays and after school.

For more information on our off season horseback riding program, contact Jan Gustafson at

What's New?

Check out our new Gaga Ball Pit!! Also, be sure to register early this year for Summer 2018 and save money!

Be sure and save summer camp spots for your camper(s) and save money! Early registration is coming up beginning November 15, 2017!

Halloween Craft

As a family project, assemble these darling popcorn hands as Halloween party favors or Trick-Or-Treats!

For more crafts, games, puzzles, songs, etc., go to our Pinterest boards at:

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